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Baseball Arm Sleeves: Prevent Injuries & More.

Baseball arm sleeves from Suddora keep your arms warmed up to protect them from possible injuries during the game. Arm sleeves are made from compression fabric that provides ample arm support. This reduces muscle fatigue that happens whenever blood fails to circulate well.

Arm sleeves for baseball are especially important because baseball is a play-based sport unlike basketball or soccer which is played continuously. There are lag times for a player during a baseball game and in these periods, the muscles are not used as much as when it is the player’s turn to bat, pitch or run. Such low exertions lose the warmth of the player’s arm muscles and when this happens, fatigue and swelling is more likely to be painful after the game. This is especially true for pitchers.

The purpose of baseball arm sleeves, therefore, is to keep the arms warm and loose throughout the game. Most arm sleeves look sleek and stylish.

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