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Baseball Arm Sleeves: Prevent Injuries & More.

Baseball arm sleeves from Suddora keep your arms warmed up to protect them from possible injuries during the game. Arm sleeves are made from compression fabric that provides ample arm support. This reduces muscle fatigue that happens whenever blood fails to circulate well.

Arm sleeves for baseball are especially important because baseball is a play-based sport unlike basketball or soccer which is played continuously. There are lag times for a player during a baseball game and in these periods, the muscles are not used as much as when it is the player’s turn to bat, pitch or run. Such low exertions lose the warmth of the player’s arm muscles and when this happens, fatigue and swelling is more likely to be painful after the game. This is especially true for pitchers.

The purpose of baseball arm sleeves, therefore, is to keep the arms warm and loose throughout the game. Most arm sleeves look sleek and stylish.

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Zipper Sweatbands for Running

One of the problems encountered by runners and gym buffs today is bringing stuff with you during workout. This is easily solved by zipper sweatbands from Suddora.com. You guess that right. How about putting zipped pockets on your ever reliable wristbands? Now you don’t have to worry about bringing your keys, a few bills and maybe your credit card when doing sports.

Often people would simply put their stuff in their pockets when on-the-go but this is no longer the more convenient option. The stuff you put in your shorts pocket will tend to drag you down when running but that’s not the case if you put it in your running sweatbands. It would feel as if you’re not wearing anything.

The best thing is that zipper sweatbands are stretchable. You can fit your car keys, a few bills, your credit card and driver’s license in it while you’re working out in a gym, jogging or even when you’re shopping.

Zipper sweatbands are also affordable enough you can hand them out as gifts for the holidays. You could also customize a logo on it and make them promotional gifts for your business. You may also resell customized zipper sweatbands during a fun run to raise funds and awareness for a cause.

Sports and fitness have become an important aspect of a person’s lifestyle these days and tiny trinkets like these zipper sweatbands could be the convenience that everyone is looking for.

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Pink Sweatbands, Armbands & Headbands

The color pink is an interesting one – it is said to bring more relaxation and calm thoughts in your head. Pink, is also used by charities for breast cancer and is said to be the official color for that cause.

Pink wrist sweatbands, armbands and headbands are used in the following sports:

  • Cross country
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Baseball

The pink sweatbands are mostly used to prevent sweat from interfering with players during the game. During the month of October, however, many athletes wear pink accessories to support females that have breast cancer. If you watch TV during the fall you may see that your favorite players wearing a pink armband or elbow band.

This is just as big with fans as it is with the athletes. If you’ve ever been to a high school football game during October than you will have seen stands full of people wearing pink sweatbands or bracelets. The fans want to support the cause just like the players so they will usually buy them from a booth during the game. This is important to recognize if you are the leader of a fund raiser during this month. The two biggest sports going on during this month are girls basketball and football.

However, the pink tradition during October applies to more than just sports. Money can be raised in conjunction with other activities surrounding the school as well such as robotics, math club, chess club and more.

Learn more about sweatbands for breast cancer awareness.

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