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Sweatbands: A Fully Customizable Product

Sweatbands are a great product to customize. Whether you are head of a youth group or part of an organization that want to engage in a cool promotional effort, sweatbands offer a range of different options for you.

Customized Wrist Sweatband


The most popular way to apply a logo or artwork to sweatbands is by way of embroidery. This way is, I believe, the way to go if you want to most durable product in the end. The only downside to embroidering on sweatbands is you can’t do anything super complicated. For example, if your logo has fades you will want to go with either printed or woven label as a design.

Woven Label

A woven label can be applied to  a sweatband by adhesive or by an embroidered edge. If you are using the bands for a promotional item adhesive should be fine, however if they are going to be used for a athletic event, I highly recommend embroidered edge (and that’s after your sure you can’t embroider the design).


A third way to apply a logo to sweatbands is by screen printing it on to the band. This way is popular for very complicated designs that have a fade or many small details. The downside to printing is it doesn’t hold up that well, especially for a more sporty use. Make sure to always get a sample if you are going to be printing your design. The cotton used on a sweatband, is not the same that it used in a T shirt, it is much more thick – making the wrong kind of application a recipe for disaster.

Zipper Pocket

A sweat armband or wristband can be made with a zipper pouch on it. This is commonly used for promotional efforts and giveaways. The cool thing about having a zipper pocket is you can store change and keys inside them. Many people find a very unique and handy use for zipper sweatbands.

Different Styles

As you know by now a sweatband can be customized as a wristband, armband or headband. The most popular style is the sweat wristband. Many companies, sports organization and schools embroider their logo onto wristbands.

Different Colors

When you are customizing sweatbands you have a wealth of colors to choose from. Custom On It offers just about any color you can come up with when you order your wristbands, armbands, and head sweatbands.

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Customized Wristbands for Events

customized sweatbands

Customized wristbands are a great product to promote or use at events. They are usually within budget and can be customized in a number of ways. The sweat wristbands can be  embroidered, woven label, or printed with your logo.

Ways to use Wristbands at Events

  • Throw ’em in the crowd! – There’s nothing fans like more than free stuff. It riles up the crowd and gets people rallying around your brand. Give it a whirl!
  • Pass them out to Security – It’s creative, but also pretty awesome because your brand is in front of everyone that walks in.
  • Give them to your employees – Have your booth workers wear these sweatbands everywhere they go.
  • Sell Them – Wristbands make a great product. They are low-cost while at the same time make your brand shine.

Get started on your customized wristbands!

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