Sweatbands For The Holidays!

As we’ve talked about earlier sweatbands are a great promotional item. This also applies to most holiday’s, as you can imagine. Specifically – which holidays?


  • St. Patty’s Day – There is nothing like promoting your business with clover wrist and head sweatbands. These work exceptionally well with bars and the night club industry.
  • New Years – Is your club or group going to a big new years party? Headbands and wristbands work great for these large or small get-together’s. Pass the sweat bands out, get people in on the fun!
  • July 4th – Yep, you guessed it. Another great holiday to get rowdy and show off your patriotism. You can also use these to promote your company by handing them out for free at a big party!

Those are just really a few examples of how you can use wristbands, armbands, and headbands. The options are really endless since we can’t name all special days or events – because you have your own!

Can you think of any other sweatband uses? Please share by leaving a comment!