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Zipper Sweatbands for Running

One of the problems encountered by runners and gym buffs today is bringing stuff with you during workout. This is easily solved by zipper sweatbands from Suddora.com. You guess that right. How about putting zipped pockets on your ever reliable wristbands? Now you don’t have to worry about bringing your keys, a few bills and maybe your credit card when doing sports.

Often people would simply put their stuff in their pockets when on-the-go but this is no longer the more convenient option. The stuff you put in your shorts pocket will tend to drag you down when running but that’s not the case if you put it in your running sweatbands. It would feel as if you’re not wearing anything.

The best thing is that zipper sweatbands are stretchable. You can fit your car keys, a few bills, your credit card and driver’s license in it while you’re working out in a gym, jogging or even when you’re shopping.

Zipper sweatbands are also affordable enough you can hand them out as gifts for the holidays. You could also customize a logo on it and make them promotional gifts for your business. You may also resell customized zipper sweatbands during a fun run to raise funds and awareness for a cause.

Sports and fitness have become an important aspect of a person’s lifestyle these days and tiny trinkets like these zipper sweatbands could be the convenience that everyone is looking for.

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A Breast Cancer Sweatband – Ribbon Band for Awareness

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor which originates from the cells of the breast. From there it spreads to the distant areas of the body. Around the world each year 400,000 people die from breast cancer. This type of cancer usually occurs in women, but even men can have it too. So an effort is being made to raise awareness of breast cancer among people and to reduce the stigma of the disease by educating people about its symptoms and the available treatments. This is where breast cancer sweatband steps in. Breast cancer sweatbands are great to use to raise awareness among people about the breast cancer. These pink sweatbands symbolize hope for a cure and recognize the struggle that many women go through.

Betty Ford - former first lady

Betty Ford, wife of former president of United States was the first courageous woman to discuss her cancer in public.

In 1974, Ford publicly announced her surgery; only seven weeks after her husband took to office. During that time this type of action was unknown. Her frankness and openness opened the door for heightened breast cancer awareness among the masses and eventually, breast cancer awareness bracelets were developed.

The pink ribbon is an international symbol used for the awareness of breast cancer among women. The color pink is considered feminine and it evokes traditional gender roles, caring for other people, being beautiful, being good and being co-operative. The pink ribbon was adopted as the official symbol of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the year 1992, a year after Susan G. Komen Foundation handed out pink ribbons to participants in its New York City race for breast cancer survivors. Since then this foundation has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to try and find a cure for breast cancer.

Ribbon Sweatband for Awareness

The fight against breast cancer is one of the greatest causes. October is a very important month for those who is interested in fighting against breast cancer. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast cancer sweatbands helps to support new treatment research for breast cancer. It is a symbol of the outspoken courage found among women facing this tough challenge today. With the advent of these ribbon bands, more and more people are opening up about this issue. Buying, wearing, displaying or sponsoring breast cancer sweatbands signifies that the person cares about this issue; and about women at large.

We’re lucky that today we have a new and an open attitude about breast cancer in general. The proof of this attitude is the fact that so many people are wearing the pink breast cancer awareness sweatbands. Apart from the sweatbands, people are also using pink wristbands for the awareness of this issue. With these pink ribbon bands, we get to show our support and admiration for the indomitable spirit of the women who are sharing their inspiring stories which is relevant for other women sufferers.

Wear a pink breast cancer sweatband, and you too can raise awareness of this important issue which is the global concern. Just having by your ribbon pinned, or wearing a breast cancer sweatband in a public workplace will remind women to go for regular screenings, to do self-examinations, and to open up about this issue with the doctor to break free of this.

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How to Stop Sweats in its Tracks

Sweating, although natural, can become an annoying problem. Most people sweat during physical activity, others while under pressure, and even still – others drop the small stuff for no known reason. The sticky fluid can get in your eyes and can cause unwanted problems during sports play or recreation. If one is a heavy sweater by nature it can be pretty embarrassing at work or school.

Girl sweating in gym

Why People Sweat

Usually people sweat for one of two reasons. It’s either nerves or physical activity. In the case of heavy physical activity  people sweat because their body is overheating and it needs to let out steam. This case is very natural and the most common. People who sweat profusely because of nerves should consult a doctor or consider meditation daily to calm themselves.

Ways to Stop Sweat

Luckily, sweat can be stopped a few different ways.

Use an Antiperspirant – Yes, deodorant could very-well solve all your sweating problems. Not only will most antiperspirants leave you smelling good but they are also made for both men and women. So, get your Axe and Old Spice on. What are you waiting for?

Wear a Sweatband – If you are sweating from your head wearing a sweatband could be invaluable. It’s so annoying when sweat gets in your eyes and can also be detrimental to your game. Imagine being in the middle of tennis match and missing a ball by a split second due to a little sweat getting in your eyes. Be sure to wear a head sweatband when playing sports like tennis, basketball and soccer.

Keep a Towel around – If you are hitting the gym be sure to have a clean towel around to wipe your face often. Sweat may not ruin your clothes but they may leave a nasty looking stain. Also, you don’t want to be stinking up the place.

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Basketball Sweatbands

Many Basketball Players Wear Sweatbands

Many athletes that play basketball, both famous and local, wear sweatbands. The reason simple: a way to prevent sweat from interfering with the game. Sweatbands are not just some cool accessory that people wear – they are sort of like a tool. Just like you need a hammer for a nail, you need a sweatband to soak up all your sweat.

Sweat Causes Errors

A trait of sweating that is easily over looked is the fact that it causes loads and loads of errors during basketball games. How do you think most slip ups happen? What normally happens is a player is sweating profusely during a key point in the game. This sweat drips down his forhead, arms and hands. Sweat is slippery, especially against a basketball (and football).

Basketball Slip Up

Put an End to Slip Ups

During the fourth quarter of a basketball game errors like a lost rebound, missed free throw, bad pass or a slip up during a jump shot shot can really have an effect on the game. These errors caused by sweat can be greatly reduced by wearing a sweatband. You can wear a sweatband on your wrist,arm and head. I recommend all three if you are sweating very badly.

Learn more about sweatbands at Suddora.com

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Sweatbands: A Fully Customizable Product

Sweatbands are a great product to customize. Whether you are head of a youth group or part of an organization that want to engage in a cool promotional effort, sweatbands offer a range of different options for you.

Customized Wrist Sweatband


The most popular way to apply a logo or artwork to sweatbands is by way of embroidery. This way is, I believe, the way to go if you want to most durable product in the end. The only downside to embroidering on sweatbands is you can’t do anything super complicated. For example, if your logo has fades you will want to go with either printed or woven label as a design.

Woven Label

A woven label can be applied to  a sweatband by adhesive or by an embroidered edge. If you are using the bands for a promotional item adhesive should be fine, however if they are going to be used for a athletic event, I highly recommend embroidered edge (and that’s after your sure you can’t embroider the design).


A third way to apply a logo to sweatbands is by screen printing it on to the band. This way is popular for very complicated designs that have a fade or many small details. The downside to printing is it doesn’t hold up that well, especially for a more sporty use. Make sure to always get a sample if you are going to be printing your design. The cotton used on a sweatband, is not the same that it used in a T shirt, it is much more thick – making the wrong kind of application a recipe for disaster.

Zipper Pocket

A sweat armband or wristband can be made with a zipper pouch on it. This is commonly used for promotional efforts and giveaways. The cool thing about having a zipper pocket is you can store change and keys inside them. Many people find a very unique and handy use for zipper sweatbands.

Different Styles

As you know by now a sweatband can be customized as a wristband, armband or headband. The most popular style is the sweat wristband. Many companies, sports organization and schools embroider their logo onto wristbands.

Different Colors

When you are customizing sweatbands you have a wealth of colors to choose from. Custom On It offers just about any color you can come up with when you order your wristbands, armbands, and head sweatbands.

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People You Know Wearing Sweatbands

Who’s wearing sweatbands? You may know some of these people…

Alex Rodriguez wearing a arm sweatband

Alex Rodriguez wearing a arm sweatband

Will Ferrell Wearing Wrist Sweatbands

Will Ferrell Wearing Wrist Sweatbands

Lead Singer of Metallica Wearing a Armband

Lead Singer of Metallica Wearing a Armband

Lindsay Lohan Wearing Sweatbands

Lindsay Lohan Wearing Sweatbands

Michael Jordan wearing a sweatband

Michael Jordan wearing a sweatband

Avril Likes Cool Punk Wristbands

Avril Likes Cool Punk Wristbands

Check out more on sweatbands at Suddora

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Pink Sweatbands, Armbands & Headbands

The color pink is an interesting one – it is said to bring more relaxation and calm thoughts in your head. Pink, is also used by charities for breast cancer and is said to be the official color for that cause.

Pink wrist sweatbands, armbands and headbands are used in the following sports:

  • Cross country
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Baseball

The pink sweatbands are mostly used to prevent sweat from interfering with players during the game. During the month of October, however, many athletes wear pink accessories to support females that have breast cancer. If you watch TV during the fall you may see that your favorite players wearing a pink armband or elbow band.

This is just as big with fans as it is with the athletes. If you’ve ever been to a high school football game during October than you will have seen stands full of people wearing pink sweatbands or bracelets. The fans want to support the cause just like the players so they will usually buy them from a booth during the game. This is important to recognize if you are the leader of a fund raiser during this month. The two biggest sports going on during this month are girls basketball and football.

However, the pink tradition during October applies to more than just sports. Money can be raised in conjunction with other activities surrounding the school as well such as robotics, math club, chess club and more.

Learn more about sweatbands for breast cancer awareness.

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Happy New Year + Great Promotional Items


Happy New Year! 2010 came up on us fast, but it’s going to be a great year! Today I wan’t to list a few common ways to use sweatbands as promotional items. So here they are..

  • Awareness
  • Fund Raising
  • Sports
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Soccer
    • Tennis
    • So many more
  • Running
  • A Product
  • The ultimate sweat absorbent
  • Fashion Accessory (our personal favorite)

Any other ways you use sweatbands? To keep you wrists stabalized while playing video games, possibly. Please share your sweat band experience below.

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Sweatbands For The Holidays!

As we’ve talked about earlier sweatbands are a great promotional item. This also applies to most holiday’s, as you can imagine. Specifically – which holidays?


  • St. Patty’s Day – There is nothing like promoting your business with clover wrist and head sweatbands. These work exceptionally well with bars and the night club industry.
  • New Years – Is your club or group going to a big new years party? Headbands and wristbands work great for these large or small get-together’s. Pass the sweat bands out, get people in on the fun!
  • July 4th – Yep, you guessed it. Another great holiday to get rowdy and show off your patriotism. You can also use these to promote your company by handing them out for free at a big party!

Those are just really a few examples of how you can use wristbands, armbands, and headbands. The options are really endless since we can’t name all special days or events – because you have your own!

Can you think of any other sweatband uses? Please share by leaving a comment!

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Plain Sweatbands – Over 100 Different Colors

plain sweatbands

Sometimes you just need plain sweatbands with no logo, and for this there is a solution. The sweatbands at SerTop are made of 80% cotton, 12% spandex, and 8% nylon – which is the best quality on the market. This site is a pretty good guide for colored sweatbands and the best uses for them. With over 100 different shades of colors to choose from, I’m sure you won’t have a problem finding something that is right for your organization.

These sweat bands are good for:

  • basketball
  • football
  • soccer
  • tennis
  • baseball
  • softball
  • running

Check out more – plain sweatbands.

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