Sweatbands – head, wrist, and armbands

Head Sweatbands for Athletes

Athletes have a lot to be thankful for because of the comfort and convenience that head sweatbands bring to the world of sport. Athletic headbands are perfect for activities such as running, climbing, playing tennis, badminton and other ballgames, which is why they have to be made from a comfortable material.

Sweatbands should perfectly fit the head. They are made of elastic material and are usually one-size-fits-all. Athletes choose headbands that are adjustable so that they are not too tight on the head and neither too loose. But how exactly does a sports headband function and how do they improve an athlete’s performance? There are at least two ways. Aside from keeping your hair from falling on the face, sweatbands are particularly used to keep sweat away from the face, thus, helping athletes focus on the game.


Other than its function, wearing a sweatband has also become fashionable these days. They are the perfect workout companion as they are also often great conversation starters within athletic social circles.

Wearing a sweatband while playing or to any athletic event is also a way of promoting an image or an identity. You will often find athletes wearing headbands with certain customized logos embroidered or printed on them. Celebrity basketball player Lebron James, for example, is known for tossing his headband to a fan after a game.

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