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Sports Sweatbands

Simpsons playing sports with sweatbands

So you play sports. I hope you don’t look as exhausted as homer Simpson does above all the time. If you do it’s ok. You may notice that homer, although out of shape, made one good decision. He’s wearing some sweatbands. While playing sports sweatbands can help quite a bit.

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If you play these sports a sweatband could come in handy:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Softball

These are just some of the sports in which wearing a sweatbands can help you. But, how do sweatbands help? For the most part they prevent your eyes from stinging and prevent slip ups. Wearing a headband can especially help this as it will soak in and catch the sweat before it can really effect your vision. Do you wear sweatbands?

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Basketball Sweatbands

Many Basketball Players Wear Sweatbands

Many athletes that play basketball, both famous and local, wear sweatbands. The reason simple: a way to prevent sweat from interfering with the game. Sweatbands are not just some cool accessory that people wear – they are sort of like a tool. Just like you need a hammer for a nail, you need a sweatband to soak up all your sweat.

Sweat Causes Errors

A trait of sweating that is easily over looked is the fact that it causes loads and loads of errors during basketball games. How do you think most slip ups happen? What normally happens is a player is sweating profusely during a key point in the game. This sweat drips down his forhead, arms and hands. Sweat is slippery, especially against a basketball (and football).

Basketball Slip Up

Put an End to Slip Ups

During the fourth quarter of a basketball game errors like a lost rebound, missed free throw, bad pass or a slip up during a jump shot shot can really have an effect on the game. These errors caused by sweat can be greatly reduced by wearing a sweatband. You can wear a sweatband on your wrist,arm and head. I recommend all three if you are sweating very badly.

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